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It will be a special day, it’s the Solemnity of Our Lady of Assumption, our OAD Asian Province will be
welcoming the new candidates. 


In Indonesia, Bandung, 4 brothers will consecrate their life for ever
to the Lord through the solemn profession, in the same community 5 candidates will start their novitiate year receiving the OAD habit (see picture). In the Philippines, Cebu, two candidates will start their novitiate year. In Vietnam, Cassiciaco Community of Dong Nai, 12 brothers will consecrate themselves to the Lord for the next three years with the simple profession of four vows, on the same day, same community 9 candidates will start their novitiate year. God bless them all, making them one mind and one heart!

August 15, 2021
OAD Indonesia 
Fr. Luigi Kerschbamer, OAD 


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