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The Order of the Discalced Augustinians (Ordo Augustiniensium Discalceatorum) is a contemplative-missionary community following the footsteps of St. Augustine, giving primacy to the spiritual life and searching for holiness through the special vow of Humility, serving the Church in accord with her needs. More than three hundred years ago, the OAD missionaries proclaimed Jesus, even giving their own life, in China and Vietnam. Since 1994 they are back in Asia. The starting was in Philippines, Cebu, Tabor Hill: “and the Glory of the Lord rose from the city and took a stand on the mountain at the east of the city” (Ez. 10:19). The actual commitment of the OAD in the Philippines is to serve the local Church and to prepare missionaries for the World, “Serving the Most High in Spirit of Humility according to the needs of the Church.

    Poverty, Chastity, Obedience with the fourth vow of Humility are the milestone of the OAD way – an ascetic and charismatic way trying to do what St. Augustine did: “unburdened from worldly concerns, he lived for God in the company of friends who had joined him, given over to prayer, fasting and good works, meditating day and night on the law of the Lord. What the Lord revealed to him in prayer and reflection, he passed on to others both present and absent orally and in writing.”(Life of St. Augustine by St. Possidius)


Rev. Fr. Crisologo S. Suan, OAD




In 1992, as the Order celebrated the 400th anniversary, the Prior General Eugenio Cavallari, recalled to the mind of all the words of Pope Paul V summarizing this phrase as synthesis of the charism of the Discalced Augustinians and placed it as the title of his letter to the Order on the IV centenary of the Foundation. The “joyfully” was added during the year of the celebration of the OAD Charism (2019).

Joyfully serving him discalced.


Discalced means barefooted, related to the biblical words directed to Moses, “remove your sandals, because this place is holy “  (Exodus 3,5) and more in the Gospel Mt 10,16 and Mt 19, 29.

Synonymous words of this concept are: detachment, simplicity, sobriety, purity, freedom.

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Behold what the OAD Constitutions say:

“The love of truth seeks the quietness of contemplation”(De Civ. Dei XIX,19)

 therefore, they give priority to contemplative life (De Civ. Dei XIX,19; Serm. 104; Ep. 48; De Vera Rel. 39,72-73; Conf. IV,12,18; In Jo. 18,10; 15,25; In Ps. 41,17; 49,21).Thus, it: collects from external dispersion to interiority(Cfr. precedent note.); opens up to personal and communitarian supernatural dialogue with God (Conf. IX,4,7; Reg. 10; In Ps. 30,II,s.3,10; In Jo. 15,25)makes docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit (Serm. 169; 151); induces to live life as a perennial praise to God, since “the greatest human deed is only to praise God”( In Ps. 44,9; Conf.V,1);inclines to the study of Holy Scripture and divine matters (De Ut. Cred. 6,13).


“The need for charity wants a just work”

(De Civ. Dei XIX,19).For this reason, Augustinian contemplation must itself be a fruitful apostolate and passionate search for those pastoral forms that allow one to bring one’s neighbor to the praise of God through all values: “kidnap everyone to the love of God by speaking, praying, discussing, reasoning with meekness, with sweetness”( In Ps. 33,s.2,6-7; Conf. IV,12.).

With simple words, the OAD Charism, the OAD way is “to seek God ten times more (Baruc 4,28),  bringing God close to people and  bringing people close to God”

To affirm the primacy of God and putting one’s life at his service, to sing of his greatness, to praise him, adore him, to thank him, love him, to live only for him and to serve him in nearby and worldwide community.

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